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Happy Camper badges are equal parts whimsical, serious, self-deprecating, and ridiculous.  And, while playfully mocking at times, the badges represent the fact that humor is a great antidote to shame, fear and hate.  Therefore, our badges includes good deeds, dubious deeds and funny deeds.

Happy Camper Badges, a line of gay-themed satirical merit badges which can be earned for all sorts of gay achievements!

Happy Camper Badges

Happy Camper Badges

THE HAPPY CAMPER came to be as a result of an excessively tipsy foray into a live auction bidding war with a phenomenally fabulous 6’10” drag queen…

Following a very public trouncing at an over-the-top, circus-themed gay gala in San Francisco, our founder Stefanie ended up with a lesbian cruise package as a consolation prize and the Happy Camper concept was born. After years of living as a self-described “bad gay,” she was excited to “earn” her lesbian cruise badge. And earn she did!

Our founder Stefanie believes in giving back, therefore a portion of Happy Camper proceeds will go to causes that support LGBTQ youth!  Be proud and live loud!

Our badges are embroidered and come with a peel and stick backing.  You can proudly don your badge on a sash, a bag, almost anywhere really.  Each badge comes with a collectable card noting how it is “earned” – but truthfully, we are ok if YOU declare how you earned it. Check out our selection – we bet you have earned at least one. And hey, you might see a few badges perfect for your partner, your pals, your bestie. Buy them a gift (unless you’re Frugal).

Happy Camper was proud to be a part of the One Community luncheon and expo! Angela Hughey and Sheri Owens created One Community in the fall of 2008.  ONE Community is an interactive web and events community for LGBT and allied individuals and businesses.

One of the most touching and inspiring moments was when the CHANGE Agent Award went to the Ham Family, for their amazing love and commitment to their 14 adopted children! Check out their story, you will totally cry and smile all at once! Like sunshine through rain these men have brought hope and beauty to the lives of these foster kids. They certainly earned the Family Values badge!

We joined many other businesses and individuals in celebrating diversity and ensuring workplace equality by signing the One Community Pledge. If you or your place of business has not yet taken the pledge you should!


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