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SteamclamBrooklyn, NY

Payment is on an unpaid basis.

We are looking for Post Production Assistant to work on a documentary film.

Responsibilities include: Handling/scanning archival material. Basic retouching. Audio transcription. These roles will evolve with time.

Skills required: Flat bed scanning (at correct resolution, file type, etc.). Photoshop (color correcting, dust/scratch removal). FCP7 (transcribing, loose knowledge of editing).

What’s important: An interest in independent film and documentary. Being organized and precise. Being able to work independently.

Your creative input is always valued and you will have an opportunity to weigh in on everything from the material you transcribe and archive, to cuts as we move forward.

Post Production Assistant SteamclamPost Production Assistant Steamclam

About the documentary:

Of all the unsung heroes to the Transgender community, Markie Wenzel may have been the most unexpected. Seven feet tall with a large build and deep voice, it was impossible not to notice her when she walked in the room. Despite the sometimes nasty taunts from strangers, Markie wanted to use her unusual situation to inspire people and be a spokesperson for kindness and acceptance, always encouraging others “that it is okay to be different.”

In Markie’s past life, she was a devout fundamental Baptist preacher, the kind of religious person who frowns upon the LGBT community. Markie had tried finding a common ground and walk the balance between these two absolutes, but after dabbling in life as a female it became abundantly clear that she had to commit 100% to being Markie. After knowing her whole life how she truly feels inside, she decides in her mid-40s to take the plunge, and in the process destroys her marriage, family, and relationship with God.

After her family forces her out, Markie must live alone and find a way to make everything right. Markie must decide if she is willing to take the final steps to get her body to match who she is inside with the possibility that such actions could cause her to lose her family forever. In light of the growing acceptance of trans individuals, this film will explore the true sacrifices that must be made in order to be at peace with yourself and your spirituality.

This will give the viewers unprecedented front row access to the schism between faith and gender identity as the two irreconcilable sides must battle to determine who Markie truly is.


Please send us your resume and cover letter to be considered for an immediate position. This is an unpaid role but you will be credited in the film and on IMDB, lunch and travel will be covered.


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