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The LGBT Resource Center has two openings for the position of Student Office Assistant beginning in September 2015.

Student Office Assistants LGBT Resource Center

Student Office Assistants at the LGBT Resource Center will conduct routine office duties as directed. Responsibilities include: answering the phone, receiving visitors, filing, sorting, maintaining records, providing information, running errands, doing word processing, entering data, operating basic office machines, and providing referrals. Staff will be expected to engage in ongoing projects central to the mission of the LGBTResource Center, including but not limited to planning and implementing programming for the LGBTQA campus community. Student Office Assistants will work as part of a team of student and senior staff, and will be expected to attend bi-weekly staff meetings (1-2 hours) as well as an Orientation & Training session (3 hours) during the first week of classes.

Sensitivity to the needs of students, faculty, staff, and community members with marginalized genders and sexualities is a must. Skills in Microsoft Office are also essential; skills in Adobe Suite are preferred. Applicants must have federal work study.

For more information about the LGBT Resource Center, please visit our website at:

All questions may be directed to Abby Fite, Administrative Specialist, at or 315-443-3983.

Please apply on this job site, and include a cover letter and resume.

Welcome to the Syracuse University LGBT Resource Center!


The vision of the Syracuse University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center is to serve with integrity people with marginalized genders and sexualities. By being in relationship with other people, we examine, learn, and understand our collective responsibility to create more inclusive communities. We encourage thoughtful explorations of gender and sexuality as they are informed by the complexity of our identities.

We intentionally adopted, in our new mission, vision, and values, the language of “marginalized genders and sexualities,” rather than adding to the commonly known moniker of LGBT. We believe it is impossible to represent the diversity of sexual and gender identities and expressions encompassed in our communities through additional letters, which diminish their value and significance. We also believe it is problematic to use an additive method because of the limitations it puts on the possibilities of our identities and diminishes our goal of inclusivity. For us, marginalization (lacking societal recognition, agency, and visibility) is theoretically aligned with our social justice values and framework, and demonstrates a broader commitment to ending oppression and reaching liberation.


The mission of the Syracuse University LGBT Resource Center is to embody our values of awareness, community, integrity, and social justice. We offer services to those with marginalized genders and sexualities by offering intentional programs, developing relationships that lead to meaningful dialogues, providing education and resources, cultivating leadership, engaging in advocacy, and collaborating with others.

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