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The conversation about LGBT inclusion as a business driver is a global one, and we are the first truly global LGBT business organization. We’ve held Out Leadership Summits and seminars on four continents thus far, and are deeply engaged with member organizations throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Engagement with Out Leadership clearly signals a firm’s commitment to LGBT equality on a global basis. We operate two industry-specific business initiatives and two broad-based talent initiatives, all of which engage with LGBT and Ally business leaders worldwide.

London Out Leadership Europe 2015

London Out Leadership Europe 2015


Out Leadership is a recognized and trusted strategic advising firm, dedicated to cultivating LGBT and ally senior leaders to create global business opportunity. Forty-nine companies across a variety of industries, including finance, law, and insurance, rely on our insights, membership initiatives, and strategic consulting to expand their share of the 1 trillion dollar global LGBT market and advance LGBT equality.

Out Leadership engages the world’s top business leaders through industry-specific initiatives and customized consulting innovations. We work with over 60 global CEOs, 2,300 senior leaders (70% or whom are at the Managing Director and Partner level or higher), over 100 emerging LGBT leaders, the White House and U.S. Department of State, and nearly 30 LGBT nonprofits around the globe. By hosting global summits and customizing strategic LGBT business initiatives for our consulting clients, we provide unique and dynamic access to this cohort.

Out Leadership delivers significant visibility to our client and member firms. We work with each company’s communications division to maximize its branding on LGBT issues and provide unique visibility to its senior and emerging leaders. These opportunities not only help our firms cultivate inclusive workplace cultures, but also showcase their leadership to clients and potential recruits.

Our suite of learnings provides vital regional and global insights that raise our member and client firms’ profiles with clients and offer practical tools for developing business and talent. Out Leadership leverages our extensive database to unearth groundbreaking findings in the LGBT market and corporate workplaces, collaborates with leading global thought partners and research institutions including the Williams Institute, Deloitte, McKinsey and other subject matter experts, and distills all learnings and innovations presented at our global summits and salons.

Out Leadership Europe 2015

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