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The Out & Equal Workplace Summit (Dallas, TX) offers individuals, human resources professionals, diversity managers, employee resource group (ERG) leaders, and allies the perfect platform from which to make powerful connections, share best practices, and formulate a strategy to advance equality in the workplace. The Workplace Summit welcomes more than 2,500 attendees who participate in over 120 workshops and caucuses all designed to create an inclusive workplace. For a taste of the Summit, view our highlights video here.

Out & Equal Workplace Summit 2015

Out & Equal Workplace Summit 2015

The annual Workplace Summit is where employees and experts from around the world gather to share strategies and best practices to create workplace equality, inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions.

It’s one thing for corporations to have a commitment to creating workplaces that are welcoming and supportive of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees. But it’s another to develop policies and programs that can lead to equitable work environments. That’s where Out & Equal comes in. We collaborate closely with executives, HR and employee groups at Fortune 1000 companies to ensure that everyone has the knowledge and tools they need to deliver on their commitment to workplace equality.

What Workplace Summit Offers

The Workplace Summit is offered with two options: First, there’s a three-day conference with many unique education opportunities. Or, come early for a special leadership day of seminars at an additional cost.

We offer a variety of LGBT and ally education opportunities that include:

  • Featured panels — Top executives and experts discuss the big issues of the day.
  • Roundtables — Open discussions on concerns related to LGBT workplace equality.
  • Workshops — Educational opportunities tailored to specific learning tracks.
  • Global Series — A global perspective on the tools needed for workplace equality everywhere.
  • Case studies — Highlights best practices companies are using.
  • Community Engagement Series — Transgender, Bisexual and People of Color programs.
  • Outie Awards — Recognizes the leaders of the workplace equality movement.
  • Plenaries — CEO, newsmaker and celebrity guest speakers.
  • Gala dinner — Celebratory dinner, food-for-thought speakers and fun entertainment.
  • Ticketed breakfasts/luncheonsBreakouts focused on workplace issues for women and HR professionals.
  • Leadership Day — Add-on day for concentrated training.

Workshops are organized into topical areas that include:

  • Allies
  • Beyond Corporate Workplaces (non-profit/NGO, government, academic, outreach and social responsibility)
  • Beyond LGBT Diversity (includes POC, Trans, Bi and non-LGBT groups)
  • Changing Workplace Climate (include Research)
  • Corporate Case Studies
  • Employee/Business Resource Groups or Diversity Councils
  • Executives/Management
  • Law, Policy & Benefits (includes ENDA/DOMA and Global Topics)
  • Professional Development
  • General

Workshop Proposals

The deadline has passed to submit a workshop proposal for the 2015 Workplace Summit in Dallas. If you want to join the committee that reviews workshop proposals or get information about the 2016 Workplace Summit, contact Emily Odenberg at EOdenberg@OutandEqual.org

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