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Diversity Careers Show (LONDON) – Square Peg Media welcomes you to the UK’s biggest Diversity Careers event open to all walks of life & all strands of diversity. This highly engaging day is packed with career development activities and is a fantastic opportunity to meet face-to-face with top employers who openly embrace diversity in their recruitment and sign ethos and will be offering practical advice on all aspects of careers.

Diversity Careers Show LONDON

Diversity Careers Show LONDON

The Diversity Careers Show offers you a range of opportunities to explore what’s is really like to work within a diverse company. Throughout the course of the event we are providing you with a multitude of options to improve your career prospects through engaging workshops, 1-2-1 CV advice and interview technique practice and panel discussions. The employers attending this show are here because they want to bring people like you into their organisations. They understand the multitude of benefits that come with having a diverse workforce. Creativity and innovation are made possible by having a team of individuals who work and think differently.


Interview Techniques (Hosted by TSB)
This session is hosted by a top trainer in interview techniques and will cover:

  • How to prepare for an interview so you go in feeling confident and perform your best
  • Body language – What you’re telling the employer without saying a word!
  • What questions to expect and how to approach answering them
  • Other tips to help you perform your best and land that dream job
CV and Career Clinics (Hosted by Société Générale)
Bring your CV to the show and book yourself into our popular CV clinics. An expert will go through your CV with you and give you tips on how to present the information effectively, what information to include and advise on how to make your CV stand out from the pile.
Société Générale will also be hosting careers clinics allowing you to speak with someone one-to-one about your career choices, ambitions and how to achieve your dreams.

Get the job online: improve your presence! (Hosted by LinkedIn)
This session will look at:

  • Top tips from experts to finding a job online
  • How to improve your profile
  • Branding yourself online
  • What employers look for in a candidate
  • Includes a 20 session on improving your LinkedIn profile
Female role models “working in a man’s world” (Hosted by EATON)
This workshop features leading women from male dominated industries (engineering, construction, tech and finance) talking about their  careers and giving you advise on:

  • How to be successful in male dominated working environments
  • Tips on what you should look for when looking at employers in these industries
  • How to be a good role model for others
How to choose the right company for you!
It’s not just about location or pay packet any more. Recent surveys have put job satisfaction, company culture and diversity as serious points for consideration when choosing a job.
This session will look at:

  • An introduction to diversity, inclusion and culture at work
  • How to ensure you choose a company that will invest in you long term
  • What support and networks do companies offer outside of the job itself

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