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Today, SF LGBT Center‘s Director Rebecca Rolfe shared her interview with SF Examiner regarding employment discrimination facing the LGBT Community.

Today the San Francisco Examiner provided me with the opportunity to discuss a very real problem for the LGBTQ community in San Francisco: unemployment and employment discrimination and harassment, particularly among transgender individuals and people of color. You can read the entire piece here.
While many of us are enjoying incredible prosperity, a large number of LGBTQ people living here continue to experience unemployment, underemployment, and/or barely making a living wage. 
With your continued support, the SF LGBT Center is working hard to help alleviate this problem. 
Our LGBTQ Employment and Trans Employment programs work with over 3,000 people every year to provide them with the tools they need to be financially stable and enjoying a good living situation in this city.
Connecting our community to employers that value diversity and inclusion is one of our highest priorities. The LGBTQ Career Fair is one of the ways we achieve this goal. On Thursday, October 27, over 600 job seekers will get connected to 40+ Bay Area employers that provide supportive work environments. 
LGBT Community and Employment Discrimination
SF LGBTQ Career Fair – Oct 27, 2016
If you are currently seeking employment or a change in career, or know someone who is, I encourage you to get the event details and register here.
It’s the Center’s mission to connect our community to the resources they need to thrive and live their lives to the fullest. 

Whether you’re looking for your first job, interested in changing careers or advancing in your current role, the Center’s can support you in accomplishing your goals. We see employment as basic right for LGBT individuals and supporters in order to increase financial health and build assets over time. The Center offers a range of services, events, and workshops tailored to support participants’ job searches, to offer networking opportunities with potential employers and to connect to further training opportunities. In addition, the Center is proud to offer the nation’s first transgender employment program, TEEI

LGBT Community and Employment Discrimination

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